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Milling Machines
High-precision grinding, professional scraping technology, stable and tight operation. Exquisite cabinet-style stand design, neat appearance, perfect storage. High appearance, high rigidity, high quality and high precision. Not only has a larger travel, but also can carry out heavy cutting.
Band Saw
The scroll band saw has stronger cutting ability and higher stability than the general scroll saw. The wood will not jump when cutting, and there is no problem with cutting higher wood. The design of the circular saw blade extends the life of the blade, and it effectively reduces the frequency of replacing the saw blade.
Horizontal band sawmill are mainly used for cutting logs and cutting logs into boards or angles. The simple basic operation process is below. Fix the log on the mechanical track, push the machine forward and cut it at the same time. Compared with the finished product cutted by a large vertical band saw, even the large band saw used by a lumber mill, and the biggest difference is that the use of a horizontal sawmill has a higher accuracy of the finished product, and it occupies a smaller area; the cutting method is more labor-saving.

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